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Door County Vacation Rental


Lily Bay Creek Homestead acknowledges the Menomonie, Potawatomi, Ho-Chunk and Oneida peoples of NE Wisconsin as an integral part of the history of this place, and whose ancestors have stewarded this land from time immemorial. 

About Lily Bay Creek Homestead

Lily Bay Creek Homestead is the permanent residence of Helen del Guidice, who serves as the Curator of Exhibitions and Collections at Miller Art Museum in downtown Sturgeon Bay.  Helen is also a practicing artist and the owner of Del Guidice Studio, an art studio and gallery located on the low grounds of the Homestead.  At the Homestead, Helen grows heirloom tomatoes and has an edible mushroom bed inoculated with blue oyster mushrooms and red wine caps, located on the path to the Creek View Suite vacation rental. 

Lily Bay Creek is an ephemeral waterway that begins its flow in early April with the melting of snow and is also spring fed.  At The Homestead, the creek opens wide to create a large pond and as the summer progresses the pond plants absorb the water to become a wetland. By mid-July, the water is nearly entirely absorbed into a lush green zone. The creek and surrounding woods host a variety of wildlife including deer, coyote, sandhill crane, wood duck, ground fowl and even experiences an early spring sucker fish spawning.  The lack of snowfall in the winter of 2023-2024meant the creek has had a slow start and did not fill enough for the suckerfish spawning, however rains and heavy flow from the springs has filled the creek and pond.  Multiple pairs of wood duck and a pair of sandhill cranes are nesting and roosting along the creek and we look forward to meeting the new arrivals!

The Creek View Suite is available for short-term vacation rental and accommodates up to 4 people.  Located on the lower grounds of the property with a view of the woods and creek (April-July), the suite has a private entrance and parking for two standard vehicles. 

Lily Bay Creek Homestead celebrates the environment and the will of nature and has a strict no-interference policy for our guests.  We cherish the mosses, fungi, flora and creek life and ask that you not disturb the environment, wildlife and well-being of Lily Bay Creek.

NO HUNTING, FISHING OR FORAGING IS ALLOWED - if you love it so much, take a photo and tag us at @lily.bay.creek.homestead!

Del Guidice Studio (DGS) is the creative space and a boutique gallery featuring the artwork of Lily Bay Creek Homestead host, Helen del Guidice.  The gallery features paintings, drawings, photography, jewelry and other handmade gifts made on site by the artist.  Del Guidice Studio is a member of the Sturgeon Bay Art Crawl and the sole retailer for Romolo and Remo, Roman style artisanal pasta sauces in the state of Wisconsin.  

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