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Socially Distant Fest Miniatures


In the first days of the 2020 lockdown, I discovered what would become my isolation companion, a Facebook group called Socially Distant Fest. 

Started by musicians in Brooklyn, New York and run by a staff of volunteer admins, the group allows musicians performing from anywhere to go live, stay in touch with their audience, build new fans and take tips. 

I became a dedicated audience member watching and listening to performers from all over the world. 

This has been an endless source of inspiration as the tiny concerts, broadcast on cell phone screens, appear like miniature vignette paintings designed by the subjects themselves. 

Working from screenshots the paintings are generally cell phone sized.  When screenshots were printed, the images were organically cropped to the perimeters of whichever device the performer broadcast from.  Each of the paintings are accompanied by a QR code that allows the viewer to watch the musicians original performance, thusly, animating the painting.

I continue to move forward on the painting collection and look forward to producing a book in 2025. 

The paintings are not for sale at this time. 

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