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  • Original digital photograph
  • Printed on archival Lustre photo paper
  • Matted in 4 ply acid-free conservation board
  • Foam core backing, clear photography corners, clear plastic protective sleeve
  • Available mat color: Antique White
  • 11x14 image =16x20 mat; fits any standard 16x20 frame
  • Portrait orientation


Milkweed Beetle Honeymoon Suite

  • Milkweed Beetle Honeymoon Suite was taken as part of the Anthophilia series during the superbloom summer of 2020 on the Door County peninsula of Wisconsin. 

    One of the many wildflowers that flurished at this time was common milkweed, which in turn hosted a joyous bevy of anthophiles, including these two newlyweds.  

    Anthophilia is the obsessive love of flowers and an anthophile is any creature who regularly visits them.

    The image was taken in the field and is a natural, no-cut vignette, no nuptuals were interupted in the making of this photograph, but the photographer left with pink cheeks.  

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