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Bicycle Zoo

Artist Katrina Brees

Krewe of Kolossos



Artist Katrina Brees founded the Krewe of Kolossos based in the  Bywater community , which was hard hit by Hurricane Katrina.

The Krewe of Kolossos is exemplary of what is coined ‘The New Mardi Gras’, a vigorously inspired version of revelry birthed by a generation of power players with a different set of motives and a very contemporary vision.

It is Mardi Gras with a social conscientious.

Katrina Brees and the Krewe of Kolossos created The Bicycle Zoo, parade bikes depicting a variety of endangered, fantasy and Louisiana native animals in a celebration of the natural world.  The materials used to create these bicycles were gathered from the debris and litter left behind by the big storm and recycled into whimsical adoring animal forms.  

Gone is the elitism of Kings and Queens and the plastic garbage produced by Mardi Gras throws of beads, cups and knick-knacks as Kolossos stands by an anti-litter message.

Kolossos infuses Mardi Gras celebrations with the adoration and protection of our natural world.

Bringing in the Bikes

Installation of the Bicycle Zoo

Katrina with Kolososs Partner 

Shannon Rockefeller at Muses, 2018

Katrina's Bearded Oysters

Visit the Museum

Katrina is also a member of Bearded Oysters, a parade troupe that playfully takes on issues of misogyny. Famous for their oyster-like, opalescent wings and accessorized by heavy beards and merkins.

Helen and Chandra Ride with Kolossos, Muses, 2018

Chandra Lemming, MGMCC Preparator and Gift Shop Manager

Cajun Rebel Costumes by Scooter Yerrow

Masks and Mayhem

of the

Cajun Mardi Gras

Paintings by Herb Roe

Handmade Cajun and Zydaco Instruments from the Collection of

Andre Michot

of the Lost Bayou Ramblers

Cajun Rider Costumes by

Scooter Yerrow

Herb Roe Lectures on Cajun Tradition and History

2018 Grammy Award Winners

Lost Bayou Rambler

Regional Roots Album, Kalenda

Herb Roe meets with Curator Steven Bourget from quai Branley Museum for an acquisition

Accordion Handmade by

Andre Michot



Andre Michot meets in his Accordion Studio with Curator Steven Bourget

from the quai Branly Museum, Paris, to discuss Cajun history, music and tradition.

Guardians of the Spirit

Photography by Alexei Kazanstev

Indian Suits by 

0017 Hunter Tribe

Photographer Alexei Kazanstev started out his career in Europe creating large scale classical sculptures in marble but his fascination with photography grew. In New Orleans he saw a similarity in the postures and gestures of the Black Indian Tribes and their flamboyant celebrations displaying hand beaded and feathered 'suits'.

Dames de Perlage

Goddesses in Bodices

Dames de Perlage is an all female arts and parade krewe founded in 2013.  Each year the Dames choose a topic of New Orleans unique culture and then each member interoperates that topic by creating a hand beaded artwork in the form of a bodice. The bodice 'patch' is then attached to a corsette, and while other garments are kept to black tutus and t-shirts the bodice is accessorized by extravagant headdresses and bustles. 

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