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San Diego Museum of Natural History

Museum Career

Currently holds the position of

Curator of Exhibitions and Collections

at Miller Art Museum, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

My museum career began in 1998 at The Chicago Arts Club.

Under the direction of Patrick Smith, I was given the opportunity to work directly with Blue Chip artists such as Kusama, David Hockney, Chris Burden, Cornelia Parker and Louise Bourgeoise. 

Since then I have worked in a wide variety of Museums including:


  • San Diego Natural History Museum

  • Cool Globes

  • San Diego Museum of Art

  • Museum of the Living Artist

  • San Diego New Children's Museum

  • The New Americans Museum

  • The Mardi Gras Museum of Costumes and Culture

San Diego Museum of Art

The New Americans Museum - San Diego, California

The New Americans Museum is a dedicated to telling the stories of immigration experiences and document via oral histories the personal testimonials to those who have relocated to the United States.


I worked with Director Gayle Hom to build and prepare the museum for the Grand Opening.  The museum includes an exhibits gallery, a learning and research center and a recording studio for the collection of oral histories from immigrant groups of San Diego.

The New Children's Museum - San Diego, California

Pink Bridge by Maurycy Gomulicki

At the New Children's Museum, San Diego I was chosen by several of the commissioned artist to be Lead Preparator to strategize and implement the installation of their vision. 

Textured Forrest by Tanya Aguiniga

Fibonacci's Coop by Rene Peralta

Hiding Rocks by Arron T. Stephan

Dynamics Graffiti Mural and Rock Climb Wall

by Chor Boogie

Don't Put That in Your Mouth

by Mark Mulroney

You meet such great people in museums!

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