I consider myself a closeted fashion designer.  While I do create product  and participate in online and art market sales, most of the time I enjoy the creative free space that fashion offers me.  I do it for the interaction with materials. The process of draping and embellishing is an organic process that is very inspirational.  I find that sometimes my accomplishments need no end result,
they can be ephemeral.

While purchasing fabrics at

Fratelli Bassetti Tessuti, Rome 

the salesman said to me,


"Signorina, tu scegli i tessuti come se fossi Botticelli!"

"Young Lady, you choose fabrics as if you were Botticelli!"

La Schiarpa Dress

The Antoinette Wedding Night Dress

The Ruffled Pontina Dress

Il Giardino 

La Locchetta di Ponte Vecchio Dress

New York New Years Eve Nightgown 

Pontina Wrap Dress

Leopard Pillbox Dress

Sleep Masks



Dancewear for Adult Entertainers

The Uschi Scarf

The Paletino Bolero

The Campanella Halter






Fashion Drawings