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New Orleans is a city with endlessly talented artists, crafters and designers so I dedicated MGMCC's gift shop to feature nothing but hand made, locally produced products.   With the help of Preparator and Museum Shop Manager, Chandra Lemming, our consignment based gift shop produced great results and relationships.  MGMCC sponsored four pop-up art market events per year.   

Christine Marie and her multi media top hats

The Marilyn Jacket by Howl Pop

Feather earrings and bowties by Linda Fried

Extraordinary Millener Michael Wood

Paintings and Prints by Jason Rodriguez

Jazz Fest Poster Artist Monica Kelly

Cajun Fiddles by Tom's Fiddles and Bows

Decorative Fishnets by

Del Guidice Studio

Fish Scale Sequin Blouse

by Cheeky Bits

Upcycled Vintage Jewelry by

Del Guidice Studio

Bath and Beauty by

Nola Lip and Soap

Fascinators by Chandar Chandar

artist Chandra Lemming

This visitor, a photo journalist, looked so amazing in her new Howl Pop dress... she wore it out the door!

Boom Box, Endless Love and Star Trek Brooches made out of Lego Parts by DollsHous

Locally published books, films and CDs

Watercolors by Steve Lindsley

Mischief Dolls by Connie Borne

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