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Marine Rigger, Moses Mott

drapes the one of a kind ceiling featuring 48 Carnival King and Queen trains dating back to the 1920's.   

Making the Museum

We began building the MGMCC on October 1, 2016 and by January 6, 2017 we were open to the public.  To begin I hired a talented staff of painters, carpenters, preparatory and garment restorers. Since opening we have continued to add to our collection, taking donations from the community and creating partnerships in order to tell the full story of the real New Orleans Carnival.

I envisioned the museum as a contemporary space, where our visitors could learn about the history and cultural importance of Mardi Gras and our local community could feel authentically represented.

Our Talented Staff

Lead Preparator, Howard Lees

Costume Restorers Marie Kimball, Katie Mayers and Chandra Lemming worked tirelessly in the studio they lovingly named The Glitter Mine.

Director Helen del Guidice enjoys some time in The Costume Closet with one of the opening night guests

in a fabulous Cavalli dress!

Carpenter Brother Bill

builds the display pedestals.

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